Monday, 4 December 2006

Ped Style Speedway

Take one field, 3 peds and a group of blokes old enough to know better...

We managed to kill one of the 90s on the way leaving just two bikes but that didn't stop the carnage.

And they're off!

Ade on the inside line

Mud cooling for the Honda C90, works a treat

We thrashed the peds for an entire afternoon without a single breakage only for the sump plug to fall out of mine on the way home. Only a C90 could manage a the last mile of a journey without oil. The best bit is that even though she seized solid, I know that a bit of fresh oil and she'll be as good as new!

Saturday, 2 December 2006

Time for some Honda C90 Tuning!

Time for the race tuning to get serious!

Dave's got himself a thumpster/xsport carb + filter, seems to be a fair bit faster

Xsport carb

I've managed to blag myself a 26mm Mikuni with big bore manifold, way way too big for the motor but hey. Fitting it took my top speed from about 50mph to 25mph, not good!
Removing the pair of tights that I had used as a filter solved the problem....

Adding a proper filter has given me an indicated top speed of 60 mph!

Mikuni Carb Fitted

We braced her at the same time and added a different fuel tank, I really didn't think that it could have looked any more stupid.

Honda C90 with Mikuni carb

Full story is on my C90 page