Sunday, 19 November 2006

One ped down, two to go.....

Another outing on the peds, shame they're not submersible!

Stuck in the mud!

Sure I could have helped.....

Still stuck in the mud

The Honda C90 might not be waterproof but it can certainly jump!

How to jump a moped!

Depending on the rider of course.....

Naff jump

and the ability of someone to capture the proof.

Naff photographer

Unfortunately, all this stupidity was only going to end in tears.

Dave managed to break BOTH of his rear shocks, other casualties included a flattened downpipe, two snapped exhaust studs , one gear change lever, a horn (??) and our of course our pride.

Ex shock absorbers

Evil Knievel even managed to bend his frame, it's not all bad, he's now the owner of a custom, low rider Honda C90 cub!

Bent Honda frame

Serve's em both right for buying the Cub 90 instead of the real thing, the only damage to mine was cosmetic, she's invincible!

Muddy C90

Time for tuning!

Honda C90 Tuning Time!

Dremel plus cylinder head = big horse power... not...

The inlet wasn't too restricted

C90 inlet before C90 inlet after

But the exhaust was tiny!

C90 exhaust before C90 exhaust after

30 years worth of carbon in the head wasn't helping either...

First outing!

Time for the first outing! Here's the three mean machines

The mean machines

We took them to a local off road track

Motorcross Honda C90s

And let the games begin....

A wee jump

The 4x4 owners were laughing even more than we were, the only casualty was a bent gear change, the Honda C90 is truly indestructible!

Getting wet

Here's a couple of vids of the silliness



Nearly there!

It's alive!!! I've grafted both C90s together and now have a runner, albeit a smoky one. Having piston rings in a dozen pieces means that it expels more smoke from the various holes in the crankcase than from the exhaust! Clearly a sign from above that a big bore kit is required... Next step, nobblies!

Pooh coloured off road honda

And here's proof that NOTHING is beyond Hammerite!

Hammerite covers everything!

I know I know, an off road bike without a noisy exhaust???

Voila... £350 quids worth of D&D, very appropriate...

A trick D&D exhaust

and, even sillier, the other bike has a megaphone!!

Honda C90 megaphone

Another update

Good god, they've been breeding!!! I now have two pooh coloured Honda C90 wrecks in the garage. ..

The C90 has been breeding!

They boys at work...

Dave and his 90

Bomber at work

A Honda C90 before and after!

Before and after

It's not very well...

Said it wouldn't run didn't I?? She fired up but sounded very unwell indeed so I popped the engine out,

Honda C90 Engine

only to find the bottom of the crank case full of interesting lumps of metal...

Engine Debris

Clearly some work had been done on the engine with the re-assembly dealt with by a Donkey or animal of similar intellect! Any bolts still in place were finger tight at best, the rest had all made friends with the gear box/clutch/big ends etc.

The next ped

The next C90 is a ropey eBay purchase, it's had 1 repeat ONE owner from new and was last used in 1979!

C90 tax disc from 1979

There's no danger of it ever running again but I'm a sucker for punishment!

Lots more pictures and silliness to come!

The start...

Another stupid pub idea beckons...

Green laning has been on the to-do list for years, we can't all afford motocrossers so made a pact to go with a Honda C90 each!

First one was a stolen recovered that the lazy cops had not bothered to 'recover'. Clearly didn't find out before I had spent a weekend stripping and rebuilding the engine (bike came from the bottom of a lake!) and a fair bit on parts to make it road legal... Bugger...

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

New stuff

There's new stuff on my website, I've included some pictures and videos of our Honda C90 adventures!