Sunday, 19 November 2006

One ped down, two to go.....

Another outing on the peds, shame they're not submersible!

Stuck in the mud!

Sure I could have helped.....

Still stuck in the mud

The Honda C90 might not be waterproof but it can certainly jump!

How to jump a moped!

Depending on the rider of course.....

Naff jump

and the ability of someone to capture the proof.

Naff photographer

Unfortunately, all this stupidity was only going to end in tears.

Dave managed to break BOTH of his rear shocks, other casualties included a flattened downpipe, two snapped exhaust studs , one gear change lever, a horn (??) and our of course our pride.

Ex shock absorbers

Evil Knievel even managed to bend his frame, it's not all bad, he's now the owner of a custom, low rider Honda C90 cub!

Bent Honda frame

Serve's em both right for buying the Cub 90 instead of the real thing, the only damage to mine was cosmetic, she's invincible!

Muddy C90

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